Nancy Craig

Resin Flowers and Leaves


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Artist/Personal bio: I have a passion for flowers. I love to nurture a flower garden. I have been pressing flowers and leaves for more than forty years to make up a variety of art forms. I make necklaces and bracelets by setting a real flower in resin on pendants. I decorate nice Tiger Clam shells with flowers and I also put pressed flowers in double sided glass frames. Right now I am working on a series I am calling, "Flowers in the Rain". I have dried out several varieties of flowers whole then I am dipping/pouring resin on them. After they are finished drying I am going to put them on lamps. I have not completed one as of yet but it is in my brain and I can't wait to see it come to life! My artwork has changed many times over the years as I discover new techniques. I am always looking for a way to better myself and my art. I also love to take photos. Mostly flowers and nature. I have printed some of my photography on canvas and dabbled in mixed media art. I have included some real flowers in these as well. I also write some poetry and have gone to stand up poetry night to read some of my own in front of a crowd a couple of times. (Scary) But satisfying. I also enjoy canning the food I grow. Picking berries on a Summer's day then coming home to make jams and jellies for my family and friends. I can around one hundred jars every year. I have four amazing grandkids. Three girls and a boy. I am blessed that they all live close by. I have walked a full Marathon and lived! Four Half Marathons and around fifty 5K's, 10K's are also under my belt. All of these before I hurt my back and sadly I can't participate any longer.

Awards: Lynden Fair 2016 Best of Show and Blue Ribbon for one of my pieces of photography~ (Eleven Blue Ribbons for my canning) Blue Ribbon ~Chili cook off

Nancy has displayed at the Bellingham Art Walk, 8 yrs at the Bellingham Farmer's Market, 2018 Burlington High School Holiday Bazaar, 2018 Sudden Valley Holiday Bazaar, 2016 Lynden Fair (photography)