Karen Angell

Oils, acrylics, and fabric artist

FB /patty.angell.140

Artist/Personal bio: Karen Angell was raised in Florida in the fifties and sixties. Being self-taught, Karen works predominately in oils and acrylics, painting abstracts and landscapes. She also enjoys working with fabric, creating bags, aprons and wall quilts.
After living across the country and overseas twice, Karen moved back to Florida and became involved with ALOC (Artist League of Orange County) and was a member of the co-op Creative Spirit Art Gallery, participating in numerous art shows throughout Central Florida. In Bellingham, Karen is a member of the Whatcom Art Guild and is currently showing at the Whatcom Art Market in Fairhaven.

Artist statement: I view my artwork as a memory book of places and events. Using color and often broad strokes, I like to paint the feeling of the experience, helping the viewer to see the unseen and view life from a different part of the mountain. My art has become a way of remaining connected to myself. I use the large variety of forms and colors found in each culture to express the emotions I felt with each move.

Galleries/shows/shops where her work has been displayed: Creative Spirit Art Gallery, Orlando, FL; various shows around Central Florida. Jansen Art Center, Lynden, WA; Bellewood Acres, Ferndale, WA; Birch Bay Discovery Days, Birch Bay, WA; Hair Art Studio, Bellingham, WA; Make Shift Art Studio, Bellingham, WA; Village Books, Fairhaven, WA; Whatcom Art Market, Fairhaven, WA.