Dee Bunge

Kiln-formed Art Glass (Fused Glass)


Dee Bunge, NW Ohio native now living in the Pacific Northwest, considers herself a global citizen. Her formal education prepared her for a career in international education, and she still uses that knowledge as a touchstone in her life and her art. She is also a lifelong learner, and little did she know when a friend casually asked her to attend a fused glass class that she was venturing into a new world: the world of art glass. Starting her own kiln-formed glass studio in 2010, Dee produces functional art as well as decorative, and though her voice is truly her own, she continually takes inspiration from other artists in all mediums.

“I enjoy working with glass both because it is beautiful and reflective, but also because it is a medium that has been used for centuries.  When I work, I feel I am able to tap into the global collective unconscious and access the artistry of a Murano glass blower or the vision of a Chartres stained glass master. Yes, that truly sounds heady and highfalutin, but really, aren’t we all inspired by some facet of history? I also like glass because it exists at so many intersections - or fusions. It can be hard and sharp, or soft and smooth. It is fragile yet durable. It can be pressed, pulled, and manipulated while hot or cold.  And while it was one of the first luxuries created by humankind, it is also utilitarian and omnipresent. These intersections fascinate me. “

Awards: Honorable Mention, 2018 Dichroic by Design Contest, CBS Coatings by Sandberg, Inc