Please carefully review our Submission Guidelines before submitting your application.

We understand that not everyone is a professional artist. If the cell does not apply to you, please write N/A, or leave it blank. Leaving something blank will not disqualify you from consideration. However, if you would like to receive constructive feedback on your application and work, please fill out as much information as possible, and indicate “Yes” on the “Constructive feedback requested?” cell.  All personal information will be kept confidential and will not be given or sold to a 3rd party.

Artists submissions may be promoted via the Facebook page, and Instagram . Accepted artists will be promoted via the Facebook page, Instagram, during the reveal ceremony and subsequent displays. By submitting your art you give BeLEAF in Whatcom Art permission to use your name, submitted art, any social media profiles you provide, and artist picture/art you provide or is present on the social media accounts you list on the application. We want to promote you before, during, and after the project completion! Make it easy on us by giving us as much information as possible, including all your ongoing accomplishments!

All accepted art is a gift and will become the property of BeLEAF in Whatcom Art. It will not be for sale, but will be displayed on the tree. In the event that the art is rejected, or the project is not completed, the art will be returned. It is the responsibility of the submitter to keep their contact information up to date, with the project manager, via

Applicants under 18 will need to submit a Parent Consent Form.


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